Board Search for Startups

Board Search for Startups – a PriorityONE Initiative dedicated to Entrepreneurial Energy!

In today’s fast changing times, where startup success gets determined in months not even years, your board performance has become increasing important. Your board is a key strategic asset, expected to contribute direct business value as well as strong corporate governance in the face of intensifying demands. You can create competitive advantage and better impressions upon your investors by having the right board and right board-advisors.

In our experience, startups typically look for uniquely skilled and specialist directors, who understand the fast changing technology world, and who have diverse, global perspective with good business sense – allowing them to make quick impact on company performance. The desired qualities in your board members remain sophisticated strategic acumen, uncompromising integrity, independence, transparency, accountability, international vision, adaptability, teamwork and strong professional network. The best startup boards proactively strive to meet their evolving responsibilities with the active support of outside advisors who are not only professionally expert, but also worthy of the board’s absolute trust and confidence.

PriorityONE keeps close ties to outstanding business leaders in multiple domains and who are strong in startup expertise and professional networking. We strive for the right balance of personal connections and unbiased perspectives to realize the full potential of your team. You can leverage the power of our trusted networks.

Director and Board-Advisor Search

Startups look for strong board inputs regarding business growth and fund raising. In these strong changing times, that elevates not only the professional standards but also the personal commitment required of all the directors. Many startups quickly realize that the supply of independent-minded “ startup oriented” directors – especially those who can add vital forms of specialized skills, prior successful experience and expertise – is quite limited, as such professionals are both widely sought after and sometimes hesitant to take on the intensive responsibilities of board service today.
PriorityONE helps you bridge this gap.

PriorityONE Board Search Practice maintains a substantial and constantly evolving board-ready candidate database which is supported by our professional network, enabling us to quickly identify exceptional candidates for every appointment to match your unique needs. We personally engage the best qualified director candidates in frank but discreet dialogue to gain detailed, reliable insight into their qualifications and suitability for service on your board. When we present a director candidate for your consideration, we detail the distinct value the individual could to add to your board, and fully articulate what the candidate will contribute to your performance as a team.
Whether the requirements are location based, skill based, or market specific, we have the market knowledge, contacts and experience to bring you outstanding candidates who meet your unique requirements and will mesh into a cohesive, effective board. We help you sustain the right blend of industry, functional, and experience skill sets on your board.

PriorityONE can also work with your investors and venture capital firms to identify and engage the right formal and informal board of advisors that you need to succeed.