IN today’s corporate life, changes are inevitable. There are situations where companies have to let go of their employees due to business compulsions. Many companies use PriorityONE OutPlacement Services to ensure a smooth career transition of their laid off employees in a humane way. We provide a lot of customized services in OutPlacement arena:


Skill Training & Assistance –  PriorityONE engages with several leading learning and development partners in specialized fields to help transition moving employees acquire new skills or career guidance to adopt to new career paths. We leverage our decades old network to provide customized help in skill training for outplacements.


Online Job Portal Training and Orientation– PriorityONE leverages  website portals for your transitioning employees and guides them to get the best of job portals to land up in a job quickly. These online portals such as Naukri, Monster and Shine contains millions of job opportunities as well as career resources and materials to aid displaced employees in the transitioning process – PriorityONE accelerates the leverage utilizing its prior experience and utilization.


Rapid Response –   PriorityONE can come in action at a day’s notice to help sort out your employee’s transition out. Business changes are quicker now, and PriorityONE prides itself on its preparation and zeal to help you when you need it. If you need our outplacement services at a day’s notice to help your laid off employees, we shall be there.


Resume Writing –  PriorityONE has a significant big practice around resume writing. We engage  professional resume writers, in-house and external, to help your employees build a resume that remains attractive and impressive in their job search. We will critique and write a professional resume that will highlight your employee’s skills for the current jobs in market, and how to outshine other contenders for the same job.


Resume Distribution – Through our partnership with several partners, we’ll distribute the new resume to employers within their industry and local market to quickly gain access to job opportunities – current and emerging.


Local Outplacement Seminars–  For downsizing businesses and corporate layoffs, we can facilitate a seminar specifically for your affected workers to help them cope better with their situation and more importantlyl prepare better to apply in  companies that are looking for employees with their skill sets. Guidance and mentorship from professional recruiters goes a long way in a successful job hunt.


PriorityONE Career Liaison Services – With our PriorityONE Career Liaison Services, we will actively interview the candidate, provide interview feedback, help them become better and personally introduce the job candidate to hiring managers where there is a good match. We leverage our deep human resources business relationships to ease the transition into a new flourishing career. Moreover,  we remain in touch with candidates even after their outplacements to ensure a smooth transition.


Personal Branding – We’ll work with your moving employee to ensure they are aware of and utilizing the online social networking tools in their job search, including professional networking sites such as Linkedin. We’ll actively review their online and offline presence to ensure they are representing themselves with the best personal brand. We help them carve out a good Linkedin profile, and supplement that with strong personal online reputation.