Get the Most out of your Transition Time

Get the Most out of your Job Search Duration till you join the next job.


As a candidate, you can make great value out of the transition that you are seeking. We have seen several candidates make great personal leaps taking advantage of the “transition state” they are in while in job hunting mode. You can do that too.
Here is what we have seen working through examples of several candidates.

1. Bettering presentation Skills.
2. Developing mentorship skills by sharing their own job hunt experiences.
3. Teaching and Coaching Technical Skills to others – thus boosting their confidence too.
4. Making pledges to help freshers build their careers and get their first moves right.
5. Doing community work and get affiliated with Non Profits.
6. Add more colorful dimensions to their personality – adding a new hobby.
7. Build meaningful and deeper, richer relationships with family and friends.
8. Better negotiation skills – get a higher raise, and be more influential too!

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