Permanent Staffing

PriorityONE has the strongest track record in permanent placements or full time positions – when companies want to hire on their permanent rolls and stakes are very high.


Filling a permanent or full time position within your sector can be a challenging task. It requires time, patience, dedication and commitment. Placing such responsibility on managers or even on yourself will mean you are not devoting precious time into conducting you own business operations.

This is where PriorityONE Consulting can step in and prove invaluable to your hiring needs. We can take care of all your permanent recruitment requirements for you, meaning you can spend more time, effort and money developing business operations and creating value.

Thorough permanent candidate assessment

Unlike contractual employees that often work on short-term contracts, permanent candidates are long-term members of your staff. As recruiting the wrong candidate can cost a business valuable time, money and resources, it is therefore vitally important that you employ the right candidate for a permanent position first time round.

Our meticulous and experienced team of recruitment consultants carries out careful and diligent assessments and research on all of our candidates – scrutinizing their resumes and having multiple rounds of discussions with them. Our commitment to only taking on the highest calibre of candidates means we provide our clients with the best possible  professionals in any given field.

Cost-effective services to you

Without the need to advertise jobs, plough through thousands of  resumes, interview hundreds of potential candidates only to select the very few who you consider the most suited to the post, burdening company time and funds and most importantly creating distraction from core business practices, PriorityONE Consulting offers cost-effective permanent recruitment services. We can conduct pre-filtering and initial rounds of interviews, and post offer can do background checks and peer-review reports too.