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WONDER RESUMES don’t just happen, they are built by professionals – Tailor Your Resume to suit your unique Career Needs and Targets. Your resume is the most important career document that you produce.

Every job role has unique requirements, so sending out a one-size-fits-all-specs resume just doesn’t work. With each job application, review your experience and message – from entry jobs and moonlighting projects to that special project in NGO – and tweak your work history to prove you are the perfect match. The closer your skills match the job specification, the closer you are to getting the job. Put the odds in your favor by creating two or three tailored versions of your resume.


For most people, preparing a Resume is an intimidating endeavor. Your Resume is going to be the first impression a recruiter gets of you and is their first chance to assess whether you would be a good match for the company needs. A professional resume makes tremendous impact and enhances your image at just the right point – the point of resume judgment. A Resume can only get you in the door, as most professionals will tell you that the interview is what lands you the job, but you won’t get that interview without an impressive Resume that grabs attention. There is an order of magnitude difference between an average resume and a well-crafted, well thought resume!

Common errors made by those who might benefit from a professional writer include, improper grammar, poor structure and a lack of highlighted relevant strengths. With a beautifully-presented and high-impact Resume prepared by our in-house team, you’re sure to avoid these issues and make the best possible impression, at the right time.

We truthfully advise, and counsel clients in all aspects of Resume writing, including new and emerging trends in Resume presentations.


Modernize and optimize your Resume while quantifying achievements
When you write your own Resume you risk putting together a document that looks great to you, but might not even warrant a second glance from a corporate recruiter. Just like fashion trends, the style and format of resumes change with time. Our in-house team of professional Resume Writers is in tune with current best practices all the time. Hence, you can relax.

Create compelling and targeted content

For most people, crafting a Resume is a necessary evil that is just part of the process of trying to get a job. This doesn’t mean that you will approach the development of your Resume with disdain, but it might mean that you won’t feel inclined to go a step further and create a document that will truly hold the reader’s attention. Moreover, we have witnessed several times that taking help of your friends and family falls way short of the professional support that you need in your job switching efforts.
Our expert Resume writers can prepare a Resume that will offer a compelling (and brief) read. Since 2002, we have developed in-depth awareness of industry-specific keywords that will get noticed by both scanning soft-wares and the keen eyes of a professional recruiter.

Develop an ongoing Resume strategy

Our Consultants work with you, rather than just for you to improve your Resume. By helping you focus on your career objectives, we will create your ‘personal sales document’ that clearly and concisely states your experience and skills in a manner that highlights you as a value add for the company and highly enhances your shortlisting ratios.

We can also help you prepare for an upcoming interview by asking you insightful questions that not only will help in the creation of a better Resume, but will help you re-frame your experiences and skills in the context of the position for which you are applying. We can even use advanced video-interviewing techniques to give you a candid feedback on how you look and sound, while your respond to some key questions.


• Fully editable Resume in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.
• Expertise of a Professional Resume Writer
• Free Resume changes and updates for 6 months